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"At ITSM-NG, we're proud of what we produce !
100% free software solutions made in France."​

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ITSM-NG is a fork of the GLPI solution, and offers a set of services for inventorying and managing all hardware, software and service components of an IT estate. We integrate a plug-in engine that enables you to add additional functionalities such as automatic inventory, or the addition of forms or fields. ITSM-NG is committed to providing GLPI plug-in compatibility without restriction. Validated plugins, like the software itself, will remain 100% free. 

Main features 


Accès à la documentation WIKI

You can find our installation and migration guides on the ITSM-NG wiki.

Accès au téléchargement libre de la solution


To download the latest version of the ITSM-NG project, click here.

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