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"At ITSM-NG, the community component is
at the heart of our strategy"

image describing the functions of the itm

Like any open source solution, ITSM-NG has an important community component which results in the definition and sharing of a technological roadmap. 

The community is the lifeblood of an open source project because, thanks to the diverse and varied profiles that make it up, itbring diversity, support, innovation and expertise on the solution. 

Finally, the community is also a guarantee of quality for the solution because the more people develop on it, the more errors and potential security flaws are.identified, documented and corrected. 

Access to the project roadmap


Find the roadmap and its progress by following this link to the Git

acces  à l'espace communautaire

Community Space

To discuss, ask questions and find informations on the ITSM-NG software

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